Consistent with our strategic plan, CUCOG continues to move forward with efforts to advance diversity and equity within the specialty of OB/GYN.  Prior to the 2021 CUCOG Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors, with the help of Dr. Teri Rosales, a Sociologist at The University of Michigan, developed a diversity questionnaire. The survey was sent to members of CUCOG with the intention of gauging existing diversity within the OB/GYN department chair community. The questionnaire was anonymous and covered many diversity topics including race, gender, political preference, sexual orientation, and disability.

We are thrilled to report a 48% response rate. Based on the percentage of members who completed the questionnaire, we feel that the results are reasonably representative of academic chairs.  CUCOG leadership extends its deepest appreciation to you for your time and for the information you shared.

Moving forward, Additionally, CUCOG leadership seeks to utilize information resulting from this survey to list and develop specific strategies to minimize existing “gaps.”  Workgroups within the board are presently brainstorming ideas to accomplish this goal.

In a continued effort to be transparent and to provide members with additional tools in OG/GYN Departments’ efforts to ensure equity, included below are the survey results, graphed and sorted by individual questions, to this communication. CUCOG continues to strive toward the development of innovative ways of improving its society and the field of OB/GYN and remains open to suggestions and ideas.